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Ambulife Ambulance Services, Los Angeles

About AmbuLife

For over 10 years, Ambulife has lived up to its reputation of providing the highest quality non-emergency ambulance service in the LA County area. Our dedication to excellence has distinguished us as the leading ambulance service provider. When you must depend on help, count on Ambulife to provide you with the finest transportation services. When lives are on the line and minutes mean the difference between life and death, Ambulife provides help to you and your loved one when it matters the most.

Our latest model ambulances and state-of-the art dispatch center allow us to provide exceptional transportation and customer service.

Whether you count on us for or non-emergency transport, Local events or on-location standby, Ambulife is fully-equipped to handle your needs. Having the most advanced equipment available allows our trained staff to focus on the mission, providing care and comfort, while tending to his or her immediate medical requirements. We pride ourselves on professionalism and superior performance. Our focus is to provide quality patient care and to maintain a seamless line of communication with all facilities. We strive to respond and expedite all transports in a safe and timely manner.

Meet Our Team

Vardouhi Rosie Sarafian


Vardouhi Rosie Sarafian is the CEO of Ambulife Ambulance. Vardouhi started in the Ambulance industry in 2007, and through the years has acquired extensive experience as an executive to lead an Ambulance company in present and progressive mindset. Achieving success came to though harboring strong team organization, planning, and facilitation skills; able to communicate effectively with all organizational levels; build relationships of trust; and enlist the participation of responsible team members. Vardouhi recognizes the many strengths of the company: its longevity, well-established structure, strong leaders and dedicated employees. She believes the company’s quick adaptability to fluctuating market conditions ensures its stability and continual growth.

Jacob Ayvazian

General Manager/COO

Jacob Ayvazian is the Chief Operations Officer of Ambulife. His 37 years of experience in the Ambulance and transportation industry has helped Ambulife Ambulance expand its operations and services. Since joining Ambulife in 2017, Jacob has strengthened the company from a small company to a medium sized, and soon will be approaching large size operations. Jacob started in 1981 as a first responder, eventually though apprehending skills and knowledge, he came to lead and manage his team. Since 2002 he has been leading ambulance companies to success. Utilizing efficiency in Operations, Employment, and Patient safety & satisfaction.

Hovannes John Sarafian

Office Manager/CFO

A Graduate of Business Finance, Hovannes John Sarafian joined Ambulife in 2016. Mr. Sarafian comes from an extensive portfolio as a finance executive with over 10 years of progressive and diversified experience in the health-care industry. Action-oriented; a visionary recognized for achieving outstanding results in growing revenues, streamlining costs, and creating efficiencies throughout various complex functions. His strengths include a high level of integrity, willingness to take calculated risks, problem-solving and adapting quickly to change.

Alec Robinson

Operations Manager

Joining in 2016, Mr. Robinson was quick to become the manager who put his employees first. Humble to his roots, he started as an EMT in 2007, and later became the Operations Manager at Ambulife Ambulance. Through years of dedication, and an urge to lead with integrity, accuracy, and honesty, Mr. Robinson has strived to make a difference in today’s work environment.

Randy Morales

Communications Supervisor

Randy Morales joined Ambulife Ambulance in 2017. He started out as a dedicated, disciplined, and highly motivated EMT. His intellect and commitment to serving the community did not go unnoticed, and quickly was able to acquire the position of Communications Supervisor. He has dedicated himself to Ambulife Ambulance, it’s employees, and the responsibility to his position.

Jasmine Ayvazian

Billing Department Supervisor

Mrs. Ayvazian joined Ambulife Ambulance in 2017. Having over 20 years’ experience in healthcare billing and collections, she was able to establish a new department at Ambulife where billing practices were optimized for efficiency.

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